Buddy Holly.png

That’ll Be the Day, Feature Film

When a former child star is released from prison he attempts to revive his acting career by returning to the stage and unconventional method acting teacher to transform himself into Buddy Holly.

Produced by: 3 Mighty Lions, Bruce Lowe, Michael A. Simon
Director: Michael A. Simon
Written by: Ben Mehl

Quorum, Prestige Drama Series

Inspired by true events, QUORUM is about TODD, a modest, straight laced lawyer, and MAGGIE, a troubled undercover FBI agent, who despite all odds, help bring the Vegas mob to Justice and in so doing, expose an international conspiracy to seize control of the US government and subvert democracy.

Created by: Matthew Grode, Jonathan Baker & Michael A. Simon

town bloody hall.png

Town Bloody Hall, Feature Film

Town Bloody Hall is about a college age girl who comes home and confronts her father about the recent #metoo issues at school. When her dad uses his fascination with Pulitzer Prize winning author Norman Mailer and Mailer's obsession with Marilyn Monroe to spark a debate about the origins of the Women’s Liberation movement, it leads to an unexpected moment of truth. While the famous Town Bloody Hall debate of 1971 becomes a catalyst for Mailer’s personal road to redemption, in the present, the father re-evaluatates his own perspective which leads to redemption in the eyes of his daughter.

Produced by: Jonathan Baker
Director: Michael A. Simon


Ridgeway, Television Drama

When an LA crime writer goes bankrupt and loses her home, she packs up her car and drives to rural Arkansas to be with her online lover and start over, but when her past catches up to her, she turns to a life of crime in the Dixie Mafia heroin trade to make ends meet.

Director: Michael A. Simon

Your Generation Circle.png

Your Generation, TV Unscripted

Your Generation is a musical journey from the 1960s to 2000s private concerts, exclusive interviews with iconic artists, and special features like the Tree of Music, and Let's Vote.

Director: Michael A. Simon